Pixel Laser Skin Resurfacing

Treatment with the Pixel laser improves skin quality and texture, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, improvement of deeper wrinkles, repair of sun damaged skin, the reduction of age spots and blemishes, acne scars and hyperpigmentation (areas of darker pigment or brown patches in the skin), and stimulates collagen production for a more youthful appearance that's long-lasting. The Pixel treatment can be performed on the face, neck , chest, arms, and legs.

The FDA-approved Pixel laser combines the effectiveness of an ablative laser (a laser that removes layers of skin) with the comfort, reduced downtime and lower risk of side effects of a non-ablative laser. How does it do this? The Pixel laser uses fractional resurfacing technology, where the laser beam is split into tiny "pixels" of light. The light converts to heat when it touches the skin, creating a series of micro-injuries that stimulate healing and collagen remodeling while leaving the surrounding tissue intact. The highly accurate and adjustable Pixel laser is able to target the desired treatment area at a precise depth, location and strength.

Many patients notice an improvement in their skin after the first Pixel treatment, with results continuing to improve over the course of several sessions.

How Long Does Pixel Laser Resurfacing Treatment Take?
Pixel Laser Skin Resurfacing usually takes less than 30-45 .min. It starts with cleaning of the skin and removing the makeup. Then we gently glide the pixel laser hand-piece across the treatment area (face, neck, chest, hands or any other body area). You may feel a prickling sensation and hear the beeping sound of the Pixel Laser.

Does Pixel Laser Resurfacing Hurt?
Pixel Laser treatment is typically very comfortable. Following the treatment you will have a sensation of a warm sunburn which will subside after a few hours.

How Long Will I Heal After The Pixel Laser Resurfacing Treatment?
You can expect your skin to be flushed and red for a day or two. Then it will feel tight and you may see very gentle peeling.. Four to seven days later your skin will be radiant and smooth.

The number of treatment sessions required depends upon the individual patient and the condition undergoing treatment; your practitioner will be able to create an appropriate treatment regime for you.

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