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As people age, hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring sugar found in your body, decreases, causing the skin to look aged. Juvederm® gel is made from hyaluronic acid, and when injected into the skin, adds volume to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, thinning skin and lips for a totally refreshed, youthful appearance. Hyaluronic acid injections have also been shown to stimulate collagen production. The results are instant and natural-looking, there's no downtime and it is safe for all skin tones. juvederm® is a quick, simple procedure offering exceptional results that last up to a full year. There is no reason not to look as vibrant as you feel.

• Some common injection-related reactions could occur, such as redness, swelling, pain, itching, bruising, discoloration and tenderness at the site of injection. These reactions noticeably decrease within 1 to 2 days after skin injections and within 2 weeks after lip injections. The use of blunt cannulas used at Synergy Skin & Laser Center  , minimize the above injected-related reactions.
• Please contact Synergy Skin & Laser Center  if you have any questions or concerns.

• Injectable Fillers are NOT an option if:
• You are pregnant or breast feeding.
• You have a history of neurological disease

Voluma XC

Synergy Skin and Laser Center is now offering Voluma XC, the first and only filler FDA approved to instantly add volume to the cheek area, resulting in a subtle lift.Voluma is the newest member of the Juvederm family and we are excited to offer the revolutionary new filler Juvederm Voluma XC to our patients.  It is designed to restore facial contours that have been negatively affected by signs of aging: volume loss.  Voluma rejuvenates your facial contours at a structural level.

Aging causes the face to sag and hollow due to the redistribution of fat and the changes that occur to the facial skeleton. Other products only smooth away wrinkles and creases (considered two-dimensional) Voluma takes on a more complex, three-dimensional issue of volume loss for a more comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation.

One of the main changes that occur to our face over time is volume-loss. Our cheeks for example are generally at their most voluminous and smooth when we are babies. A young-looking face can be compared to an egg, with the narrower part of the egg pointing down. When we are young we have a fine, defined jaw line with smooth contours, and our cheeks and upper-face are full of volume. The overall shape & contour of the face however changes with age. As we get older the egg can start to turn upside down. This is because over time we gradually loose facial volume, our skin becomes thinner and the effects of gravity can become apparent.

Juvederm Voluma is a smooth injectable gel that is made from a natural complex sugar called hyaluronic acid (HA). Found within the tissues of living cells including human skin.  HA assists in skin hydration by attracting and holding water. It also combines with collagen and elastin to help provide skin structure and elasticity.

This filler  lasts up to 2 years and the cost ranges from $850-$1600, depending on the amount of filler you require.

Injections using a Blunt Cannula 

The needle-less filler injection using flexible cannulas is the one of the most important change in the world of dermal fillers.

Aesthetic physicians around the world have embraced this chance to make filler injection strikingly less unpleasant and much safer!

The concept of a no-needle technique is not a new idea; it has been used for fat transfer for quite some time. Yet, the use of flexible cannulas for dermal fillers seems to lag behind in North America.  The cannula has a blunt tip and a side-hole for filler extrusion.

Much less discomfort because you only need one needle stick to correct:

  • Nasolabial Fold, Marionette, and Chin area

  • Upper Cheek and Eye (tear trough) area

  • Temple

  • Jawline

  • Lips (no need to be bruised for 2 weeks)

The correction is done using a cannula, which has no sharp edges and is flexible so that the risk of bruising (injuring a vessel) is extremely low.  Blunt cannulas have revolutionized dermal filler corrections. Patients undergoing cannula injection experience much less discomfort than during needle injections. The social downtime associated with traditional technique is practically eliminated.

  • There seems to be other advantages of using cannulas, theoretical at this point. One is based on the hypothesis that stimulation of fibroblasts by this technique may stimulate additional collagen production. Overall, the introduction of flexible cannula to our practice is a great step forward allowing much safer injections and detailed facial sculpting. .

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