Accent XL Skin Tightening

Accent XL is a revolutionary FDA approved treatment for skin tightening, skin toning, fine line and wrinkle reduction on the face and body without the risks or recovery period usually associated with an invasive surgery. It is also extremely effective for treatment of cellulite, stretch marks and for body contouring.

Why Get An Accent XL Laser Treatment?
Our skin is the frontier that separates our bodies from the world that surrounds us, so our lives are bound to take a toll on it. Accent Laser treatments reverse the signs of skin aging, smooth out fine lines and wrinkles and tighten the skin making you look fresh and youthful. The treatment is quick and non-invasive, so there’s no anesthesia involved or recovery period, both of which other skin treatments tend to require. Accent XL is the most advanced skin tightening treatment available on cosmetic market today.

How does the Accent XL Skin Tightening Laser Work?
Accent XL is a new generation of skin tightening devices employing radio frequency (RF) technology for treatments of lax skin, fine lines and wrinkles and cellulite. Uniquely, it utilizes Unipolar and Bipolar radio frequency technologies to tighten both the very superficial layers of the skin and skin’s sub-dermal layer. This causes significant skin shrinkage, new collagen production and increased blood circulation, which results in lifting and tightening effects that you will notice immediately after the first treatment and will continue to improve for weeks to come. Your loose skin will look firmer and younger, refreshed and rejuvenated, while wrinkles will be significantly reduced.

What Does The Accent XL Skin Tightening Treatment Entail?
Accent XL Skin Tightening treatment takes 30 to 60 minutes and has been designed so that it achieves maximum comfort for the patient. A wand is simply moved back and forth across the area to be treated and because the wand is constantly in motion, the patient only experiences a slight sensation of warmth, which is minimized by a cooling tip on the device. Your skin may remain slightly red for thirty to sixty minutes after the treatment. It may also feel dry for 24 to 48 hours after the treatment. All normal physical activities can be resumed immediately following the procedure.

How Many Accent XL Laser Treatments Will I Need?
We recommend a series of four to six Accent XL treatments, approximately one to three weeks apart, with the best effect being seen three to six months following the final treatment.

On What Parts Of My Body Can The Accent XL Laser Be Used?
Accent XL Laser can be used on any body area. The most common areas treated are the face, neck, upper arms, abdomen, thighs and buttocks.

Is The Accent XL Laser Safe?
Absolutely. Thousands of patients have been treated safely using Accent XL Laser throughout the world. Accent skin tightening is an FDA approved, pain free treatment offering advanced results without side-effects and no recovery time.

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